The date of the elections for a constituent Assembly of Venezuela

Elections to the Constitutional Assembly of Venezuela will be held on July 30. About it as transfers TASS, said the head of the National electoral Council Tibisay Lucena.

According to her, to date, more than 55 thousand people have registered as candidates in the elections. “We are amazed at the number of applications received in these days,” said Lucena.

Officially the election date will be approved on 5 June.

In may, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that the new Assembly will include “364 member selected on a territorial basis, eight from the Indian peoples.” Another 168 people choose on the lists of representatives of a number of “sectors” — the peasants, fishermen, workers, students, disabled, pensioners and entrepreneurs.

Earlier, Maduro said he plans on results of work of the constituent Assembly to submit to a referendum draft of the new Constitution of the country.

The President’s decision caused massive protests and strong criticism from the opposition calling it a coup attempt.

Mass protests of citizens dissatisfied with the rule of the socialists, continued from the beginning of April. Venezuelans Express their dissatisfaction with the economic situation and demand early elections. The number of victims of collisions has exceeded 50.