Putin: NATO – a tool of US foreign policy


TV Center

The lack of communication tools – such as the Council Russia – NATO, it is bad because it deprives the parties in the fight against terrorism. This was stated by Vladimir Putin at the plenary session of the St. Petersburg international economic forum. The Russian President called the Alliance a tool of US foreign policy.

No tools of Russia’s cooperation with NATO deprives the parties of the possibility of counter-terrorism, said Friday Vladimir Putin at the meeting of SPIEF. According to the Russian leader, without such interaction will not be able to work constructively to prevent issues on today’s agenda.

Putin also noted that the requirement of the United States for greater military expenditures of NATO raises questions. “The United States is pressing its allies increase military spending and at the same time say that the NATO attack anyone not going. But if you not going to attack anyone, then why increase military spending?”, – quoted Putin “Interfax”.

According to the President, Russia can not disturb the approximation of the military infrastructure of the Alliance to its borders. “NATO was created as a tool of the cold war in the struggle between the Soviet Union and the countries of the “Warsaw Pact”. And today NATO is a tool of US policy. If people like it, and well,” – said Putin.

Yesterday at a meeting with the heads of major international news agencies, the Russian leader expressed hope that Russophobic sentiments in the world are not infinite, and the world will come to realize they are counterproductive.