London minibus ran over people

Continued: British media said three terrorists with knives in London On London bridge a van ran over pedestrians, is the evacuation of people, reports the Sun. Eyewitnesses also report that near the bridge heard gunshots, and several people suffered stab wounds. Video: According to BBC News, on the scene are armed police officers. As a result of incident, according to The Telegraph, injured 15-20 people. March 22 in London a native of South-East England Adrian Russell Ago, changed his name to Khalid Masud, while driving the car, pointed it at pedestrians on Westminster bridge, knocked down several people and drove to the Parliament building. There car was stopped by police. The offender stabbed him with a knife, then was shot by another guard. Five people were killed.

Philippine authorities confirmed the elimination of militants from Chechnya

Filipino soldiers A citizen of Russia, presumably a native of Chechnya, was one of the eight militants killed in southern Philippines during the antiterrorist operation. On Sunday, June 4, told TASS Deputy Minister of defense Ricardo David on the sidelines of the conference “Shangri-La Dialogue.” “We found the passports of the killed fighters, except the Russians, as we believe people from Chechnya, there were also citizens of Malaysia and Indonesia,” — said the Deputy Minister. David added that in the southern province of Mindanao, where now antiterrorist operation is conducted, is still about 40 foreign mercenaries who enter the country from the Sulu sea (exit against him and Malaysia). According to him, currently from 250 to 400 supporters of the “Islamic state” (a group banned in Russia) are fighting with government troops in Mindanao. The Deputy Minister stressed that the Philippines cooperate closely on this situation with other countries, primarily

Three-year-old Khabarovsk airplane beat a classmate in a manger

In the kindergarten of Khabarovsk three-year-old pupil attacked his classmates and beat him with a toy airplane. On Friday, June 2, according to The incident occurred on may 31, on the eve celebrated in Russia day of protection of children. As told the online edition of the mother of the victim, she blames the teacher. “My son was minding my own business, when he was approached by a child with plane in hand, began to beat on the head and shout loudly”, she said. The woman added that the child has already shown aggression previously. Doctors diagnosed battered child nursery concussion, bruises and abrasions of the forehead. From the hospital parents refused. Currently, the police and the Ministry of education of Russia conducted hearings into the incident. The management of the kindergarten takes the measures directed on prevention of such cases. The mother attacked a classmate of the child

The Patriarch explained the futility of “phones” when you connect to the Holy spirit

The visit of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow city Council The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill said that mobile phones connect to the energy field of people, but will not help them to connect to the spiritual world. He said this Sunday, June 4, after the Liturgy in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra on the occasion of the day of the Holy Trinity, reports “Interfax”. “We all use mobile phones, but not this box sends information from us to whom we call. We are surrounded by an invisible energy field, and through the phone we connected with this field”, — said the Patriarch. According to him, “likewise the Holy spirit is a spiritual energy force that encompasses the entire universe.” However, he noted that to join this field “no phones not work, no technological progress, no power of the mind.” “To this divine power we are connected through our faith, through

Kazan bully fell out of police car and died

The man detained in Kazan for disorderly conduct, died on way to the police station — he fell out of the patrol car. On Sunday, June 4, reported “Interfax” the press service of the Ministry of interior in Tatarstan. 27-year-old offender and two of his buddies caught last night. The men were aggressive, so the police decided to bring them to the office for drawing up an administrative report. In the way of one of the detainees continued to misbehave: he kicked in the door and fell out of the car. “In the fall, the young man received injuries incompatible with life”, — said in the Republican interior Ministry. In respect of the employees of patrol service began official investigation. In April 2017, in the Stavropol territory have fined the driver out of the car is on the move fell out a four-year child. The boy was not injured because

Attacked a casino in Manila were ex-official

Attacked a casino in Manila were ex-official Moscow. June 4. INTERFAX.RU — the Attack on a casino in Manila, which killed 38 people, was not a terrorist attack and a botched robbery attempt, according to the Associated Press, citing the police chief of the country’s Oscar Albayalde. As he said at a press conference on Sunday, the attack was attended by one person. The police chief stressed that “this is not a terrorist act.” AP notes that the robber was a former employee of the Department of Finance of the Philippines, Jesse Carlos. He was dismissed in 2014 due to the fact that they tried to conceal from the authorities their property and, thus, violated the requirement of transparency of assets of public servants in the Philippines. He was forbidden to hold any public office and deprived of severance pay. In addition, Carlos is addicted to gambling, but the funds

The number of those killed in nighttime attacks in London has risen to seven

The number of those killed in nighttime attacks in London has risen to seven As a result of two terrorist attacks that occurred in the night of Sunday, June 4, in Central London, killing seven people. Earlier it was reported about six victims of the incident. 9фотографий9фотографий9фотографий The number of those killed in the attacks in London that occurred in the night of Sunday, June 4, has grown from six to seven people, reports Reuters with reference to police. At least 48 people remain in hospital in London, where they provide health care. Dozens of people with minor injuries were treated at the scene. Two terrorist attacks occurred in the center of the British capital on Sunday night, at midnight Moscow time. On London bridge a van, in which the attackers were, made arrival on pedestrians, and then did not stop, but continued moving and reached borough market (Borough Market).

The terrorist attack in London shocking cruelty and cynicism, Putin said

The terrorist attack in London shocking cruelty and cynicism, Putin said MOSCOW, 4 Jul — RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences to the people of great Britain in connection with the terrorist attacks in London. 9фотографий9фотографий9фотографий “This crime is shocking in its cruelty and cynicism,” — said in the telegram, which the Russian leader has written to the Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may. Meanwhile, Putin expressed confidence that the overall response to the terrorist attacks should be to build efforts in the fight against terrorism. The Russian President also conveyed words of sympathy and support to the families and friends of those killed and wishes those injured a speedy recovery. In the night of Sunday, three men in a van ran into pedestrians on London bridge in the centre of the British capital, and then got out of the car on the borough market and

The German foreign Ministry told about future meeting of Lavrov with Gabriel in St. Petersburg

Photo: Foreign Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel departs on Friday, June 2, at the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF), where he will meet with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. This was stated by the representative of the foreign Ministry of Germany Maria Adebahr, reports RIA Novosti. “Discuss topics on the international agenda, from Syria to Ukraine”, — said the diplomat. June 1, Handelsblatt wrote that “perhaps there will be a meeting of Gabriel with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin.” Press Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov later confirmed that Putin will hold a meeting with the foreign Minister of Germany. The St. Petersburg international economic forum has become the world’s leading platform for communication of representatives of business circles and the discussion of economic issues. This year it takes place from 1 to 3 June. 2 may in Sochi, negotiations were held between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Vladimir

Sechin made a joke about a new round of U.S. sanctions against Russia

Photo: RIA Novosti The head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin called on the participants of the St. Petersburg international economic forum not to disappoint the U.S. Congress and to work productively on a possible new round of sanctions against Russia. “By the way, according to several media reports, the U.S. Congress is closely following our work and began discussions on a new round of sanctions at the forum in St. Petersburg. I hope we will not disappoint” — said Sechin. “Seriously speaking, in recent years our industry like no other, survived the turmoil that resulted led to tectonic shifts,” he added. The U.S. Treasury Thursday announced that it is imposing sanctions against Russian citizens and the DPRK in connection with the development of the nuclear program of Pyongyang. In particular, fell under sanctions three Russian companies, including “Independent oil and gas company” (NOC) Eduard Khudainatov and its structure — “NNK Primornefteprodukt”.