Three-year-old Khabarovsk airplane beat a classmate in a manger

In the kindergarten of Khabarovsk three-year-old pupil attacked his classmates and beat him with a toy airplane. On Friday, June 2, according to

The incident occurred on may 31, on the eve celebrated in Russia day of protection of children. As told the online edition of the mother of the victim, she blames the teacher. “My son was minding my own business, when he was approached by a child with plane in hand, began to beat on the head and shout loudly”, she said. The woman added that the child has already shown aggression previously.

Doctors diagnosed battered child nursery concussion, bruises and abrasions of the forehead. From the hospital parents refused.

Currently, the police and the Ministry of education of Russia conducted hearings into the incident. The management of the kindergarten takes the measures directed on prevention of such cases.

The mother attacked a classmate of the child promised to take my son to the doctor and to provide the leadership of an educational institution a certificate of his mental state.

On may 29, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree according to which 2018-2027 years, announced in Russia the Decade of childhood. It was noted that this decision was made “in order to improve state policy in the sphere of protection of children”.