Philippine authorities confirmed the elimination of militants from Chechnya

Filipino soldiers

A citizen of Russia, presumably a native of Chechnya, was one of the eight militants killed in southern Philippines during the antiterrorist operation. On Sunday, June 4, told TASS Deputy Minister of defense Ricardo David on the sidelines of the conference “Shangri-La Dialogue.”

“We found the passports of the killed fighters, except the Russians, as we believe people from Chechnya, there were also citizens of Malaysia and Indonesia,” — said the Deputy Minister.

David added that in the southern province of Mindanao, where now antiterrorist operation is conducted, is still about 40 foreign mercenaries who enter the country from the Sulu sea (exit against him and Malaysia).

According to him, currently from 250 to 400 supporters of the “Islamic state” (a group banned in Russia) are fighting with government troops in Mindanao. The Deputy Minister stressed that the Philippines cooperate closely on this situation with other countries, primarily Indonesia and Malaysia. At the same time it has denied data about the participation of foreign advisers, in particular the us.

On 1 June the Minister of defence of the Philippines Delfin of Lorenzana reported that among the dead militants were allegedly Chechens, but did not specify their number.

The anti-terrorist operation in the Philippines began on may 22. President Rodrigo Duterte introduced in the South the military situation.

Intergovernmental security forum “Shangri-La Dialogue” held in Singapore from 2 to 4 June.