Ryabkov: Moscow met the new US sanctions with resentment


RIA Novosti

Moscow with indignation met information about impose new sanctions against individuals and legal entities of Russia and the DPRK in connection with the development of the nuclear program of Pyongyang, said RIA Novosti Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Ryabkov.

According to him, the actions of the new US administration do not contribute to the solution of the problem on the normalization of bilateral dialogue. While Moscow in its reply to Washington on new restrictive measures will tend not to exhaust relationship is in a standstill.

Experience teaches nothing

The U.S. Treasury on Thursday evening (GMT) stated that Washington imposed sanctions against citizens of Russia and the DPRK in connection with the development of the nuclear program of Pyongyang. In particular, fell under sanctions three Russian companies, including “Independent oil and gas company” (NOC) Eduard Khudainatov and its structure — “NNK Primornefteprodukt”.

In addition, according to the document, the sanctions hit Russian Igor Michurin associated with the Russian company Ardis-bearings (LLC “Ardis-Bearing”), is registered in Moscow.

“It is with concern and indignation took the information from Washington on the introduction of American sanctions against our three organizations and one citizen under the pretext of tightening of the regime of actual blockade, which the US is attempting to organize, using their national legislation with regard to the DPRK,” — said Ryabkov, commenting on this step.

According to him, “apparently, those who seek such solutions, experience teaches nothing, no relevant conclusions are made”.

“It is obvious that unilateral sanctions as a tool of influence on certain countries desired effect for those who introduces sanctions are not given, but rather lead to a tightening of the state against which they are applied. I spend here a clear distinction with the sanctions, which are adopted by decisions of the UN security Council,” — said a senior diplomat, noting that the UN security Council sanctions – “this is lawful and provided for in international law tool.”

He stressed that “for its use of the Russian Federation is extremely responsible and metered, which is also repeatedly confirmed by our actions.”

“Unilateral sanctions, we fundamentally disagree with the U.S. side. I remind you that this sanctions a rage, a frenzy that had characterized Washington’s policy under the previous administration, has already led to more than 30 waves of sanctions against our legal and physical persons”, — said Deputy foreign Minister of Russia.

The United States continues to use obsolete schema

“It is sad and disappointed that after the change of administration in Washington stop trying to apply the same old unworkable schemes to Russian organizations and our compatriots. It is clear that the effect desired by the authors of this policy, there will be this time,” said Ryabkov.

“As for our possible response (introduced new restrictive measures), we immediately took to study. We determined (with answers) based on the need not to drive the relationship is a dead end and work on creating some the prospects of their improvement”, he added.

While Ryabkov said that the recent actions of the U.S. Treasury “does not help solving this problem”.

“By the way, it is hampered and the endless anti-Russian initiatives that are generated on Capitol hill. There has, in my opinion, I don’t know what excuse to find, in order to once again swing the cudgel of sanctions,” — said Deputy foreign Minister of Russia.

Us senators introduced on Wednesday a new bill providing extension of sanctions against Russia. It is expected to impose new sanctions against Russian enterprises in the field of mining, metallurgy and Railways. In addition, the planned empowerment of the Ministry of Finance on the “prosecution of illegal activities of Russian oligarchs” in the US, for example, new powers for the study data of ATM and Bank transfers.

“This is rather primitive, not to say primitive instincts and techniques. A new batch of these destructive ideas we saw just on Wednesday. We don’t want to delve into political matter, it is today quite complicated and confusing in the US, but personally I don’t see any other logical and reasonable explanations for what is happening, except the desire of these pseudo-politicians to sell themselves to earn political points on the swept Washington Russophobia”, — commented on the intentions of the senators Ryabkov.

According to him, now the main thing — “to put all the same relations (with USA) on a more even keel, try to find a course by which we derive them from the appalling state in which they left by the previous administration.”

“We will be guided as a priority”, — concluded the Deputy foreign Minister of the Russian Federation.