Putin has told about conversation with Clinton about Russia joining NATO

Putin has told about conversation with Clinton about Russia joining NATO

President Vladimir Putin in an interview with the American Director Oliver stone said that he offered bill Clinton when he was President of the United States, to think about Russia joining NATO.

President Vladimir Putin has told about conversation with US President bill Clinton about the possibility of Russia joining the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO). It is reported Politico, citing an excerpt from Putin’s interview with the Director Oliver stone, which is published on Vimeo.

I remember one of our last meetings with President Clinton, even when Clinton was President. He came to Moscow, and I in the discussion said, “Well, maybe we should look at this option is that Russia will join NATO”.Mr Putinprime of the Russian Federation

According to the Russian President, Clinton replied: “Well, well, I don’t mind”. Putin noted that these words, “the whole delegation of us nervous”. On the issue of stone did then Russia’s bid to join the Alliance, Putin laughed.

Putin met with bill Clinton in June 2000.

On the website of the Kremlin says that the meeting was held in the format of “one on one”.

Oliver stone plans to present an interview with Putin in the form of a documentary, the first part will be released on June 12, plays four parts. While that was published two excerpts of the interview in which Putin says about the attitude of the security and Edward Snowden.

Stone told me that in the movie we will talk about the events of 2000-ies, during the period when Putin was first elected President. In the film including the Director, will tell about the views of the Russian leader, which he then adhered. According to the Director, the shooting lasted two years, during this time, engaged in the production of the film team went to Putin four times.