Spiegel made the cover of trump “fired” the Earth

Spiegel made the cover of trump “fired” the Earth

MOSCOW, 3 Jul — RIA Novosti. The German magazine Spiegel posted on the cover of the latest June issue of the image of Donald trump and the burning of the Earth.

So Spiegel reacted to the news of the US withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement.

The President of the United States presented in the form of golfer that hits a stick of a burning planet. Figure accompanied by the inscription in English “You are fired” (“You’re fired” — ed.). This phrase trump became popular when he led the reality show “the Apprentice.” In this future American President make the selection among the candidates for a leadership position in one of his companies.

SPIEGEL Der neue ist da – ab heute im Zeitschriftenregal Ihres Vertrauens. Durchstöbern geht hier Kostenlos:

— DER SPIEGEL (@DerSPIEGEL) June 3, 2017

The decision to withdraw from the deal on climate trump announced Thursday. From his point of view, the terms of the document may prejudice the economic interests of the United States. Instead of Paris, the President proposed to conclude a new agreement, which will be more fair to the United States.

The decision trump caused a flurry of criticism from world leaders, environmentalists and businessmen. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the plenary session at the Saint Petersburg international economic forum warned against premature condemnation of the decision of trump, noting that Washington may not be sufficient resources for the implementation of the agreement in its current form.

Paris climate deal — the first global climate agreement, which was signed by more than 190 countries in December 2015. The document spelled out a plan of action to curb global warming. According to him, all parties are obliged to take measures on reduction of emissions, technological reequipment and adaptation to climate change. The agreement, however, does not imply a renunciation of fossil fuels or specific restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions.