Putin said the US withdrawal from the Paris agreement

Putin said the US withdrawal from the Paris agreement

Russian President Vladimir Putin urged not to condemn the American leader Donald trump over the decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement.

“I would not now judge President of the trump, because President Obama has adopted the resolutions may be, the acting President considers that they are not fully thought out, maybe he believes that there is no relevant resources. This all deserves a closer look”, — Putin said at the plenary session of the St. Petersburg international economic forum.

According to him, prior to the ratification of the Paris climate agreement Moscow wants to wait for the formation of a clear commitment of the participants. “The United States has ratified, as I recall, this agreement, we are not yet. We did not do this because we want to wait for, when they formed the rules for the allocation of resources and other purely technical, but important things”, — said Putin.

“We should be grateful to President Trump today in Moscow, they say, the snow was even here (in Saint-Petersburg. — Ed.) rain, cold such. Now you can blame everything on him and on us imperialism. But we will not do this”, — said the Russian leader.