Putin believed in the finality of Russophobia

Vladimir Putin

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin hopes that Russophobic sentiments in the world will not last long. The head of state said at a meeting with heads of international news agencies in the ongoing St. Petersburg economic forum. The words of the Russian leader, the correspondent “Tapes.ru”.

“I hope, anyway, not so long [will exist Russophobic sentiments], and is not infinite, though, because that should come the realization that it is counterproductive and hurts everybody. Of course, we causes some damage. But harm those who initiate such policies,” — said Putin.

In his opinion, “this realization has come”. “We obviously see some changes, for the better. I hope that this trend will continue,” added the President.

As the head of state, a splash of Russophobia stems from the fact that, in particular because of the struggle of Russia for its own interests, “argues a multipolar world, but it’s not like the monopolies”. He stressed that Russia is trying to hold back, “taking all sorts do not fit into the framework of international law actions, including restrictions of economic character”.

“But now I see that it’s not working, the effect is zero, and it causes this internal irritation, the desire still some ways to succeed”, — said Putin. From his point of view, give reason, “but reason trying to find and as we say at home, from scratch”.

St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF) is held this year June 1-3.