CNN talked about “more private meeting,” Kislyak by US attorney General

Sergey Kislyak

The U.S. Congress and the FBI check the information about the “more private meeting,” the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak with the American attorney General Jeff Sessom during the presidential campaign in the United States in 2016, according to CNN.

The channel indicates that such a meeting took place on 27 April 2016 in the Washington, DC hotel Mayflower. On that day presidential candidate Donald trump was the keynote speech on foreign policy.

“Trump sessions and Kislyak took part in a small reception for a limited circle of persons with the organizers, diplomats, and other persons”, — quotes the words of CNN one of his sources.

It is noted that the FBI is investigating the possibility that Kislyak and sessions could have “an additional private meeting” and outside the framework of the official reception.

The U.S. justice Department, which is headed by sessions, in response to the request for the meeting with Kislyak stated that he had no “private or informal” talks with Russian officials at the Mayflower.

May 25, CNN and Roman sessions was accused of withholding information about meetings Kislyak when filling forms access to classified information. The channel claims that the US attorney General did not mention the two meetings with the head of the Russian diplomatic mission in Washington.