Media reported about the wounding of the Iranian Ambassador in the explosion in Kabul

Iranian Ambassador to Afghanistan, Mosammat red Barhami was wounded in the explosion in Kabul. On Wednesday, may 31, according to news portal Erem News.

It is noted that the rest of the Embassy staff Iran has not suffered.

A powerful explosion occurred in the Afghan capital on Wednesday morning close to the presidential Palace and Embassy buildings. It is noted that many facilities were damaged. According to preliminary data, the bomb was planted in a tanker for transportation of water. So far none of the terrorist groups operating in the country, has claimed responsibility for the incident.

In total, the attack killed 90 people, another 380 were injured. Among the victims — guard the German Embassy. According to BBC News, killed one of the journalists, the Afghan news Agency Tolo and the driver of the local branch of the BBC Afghan. Four more officers “bi-Bi-si” has suffered.

The Russian foreign Ministry noted that Russian citizens among the wounded, said RIA Novosti.