The head of the Kuban Cossack village ordered teachers to wear Cossack uniform

The head of administration of the Kuban Cossack village Tbilisskaya Victor Chikalov under threat of dismissal ordered the teachers and administrators of local schools to go to work in Cossack uniform. This was reported by “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

This decision Chikalov announced during the meeting with employees of educational institutions. Teachers need to get to work in the new form from September 1. And to sew her teachers should own. Also, the schools will create “Cossack classes”. Those who will go there, too, will acquire costumes and wear them to class.

The part of principals and teachers refused to comply with these orders, citing the multinational composition of the students. It Chikalov said it will suspend all dissenters from office.

In an interview with “the” Chikalov said that in this initiative are interested in the group. “The boy is Muslim he told me excitedly about how he likes to glorify the Cossack tradition and that he on his own initiative even adopted Christianity,” — said the head of the village. Cossack classes he likened to the movement of TNS.

29 may people in Cossack uniform came to the Palace of Versailles in Paris, where the negotiations took place between the presidents of Russia and France Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron. After removing the red shirt, the man showed a t-shirt with a portrait of Vladimir Putin on the background of the Russian tricolor.