The fray deer or bear because the cub was filmed

The fray deer or bear because the cub was filmed

A resident of the American city of Flagstaff, Arizona, Shannon Sevilla (Seville Shannon) took video of the attack on the American black bear to deer, elk. About it reports the edition Haffington Post.

The bear approached the fawn, while his mother looked the other way. The cries of the baby attracted the deer, but the predator saw her approaching and quickly climbed up the tree. As soon as she turned away, the bear climbed down and reached back to the deer. This time the elk didn’t tarry and managed to kick the beast’s front hoof. After that, they fled in different directions.

Sevilla claims that he saw a bear when traveling by car in the woods. “I knew that the chance of a lifetime, and other animal lovers will appreciate these pictures,” she says. A video posted by the woman in Facebook has been viewed more than 2.6 million times.

Elk — common in North America, the subspecies of red deer.

In April it was reported that tourists were witnessing the attacks of wild horses on an alligator in one of the reserves in the U.S. state of Florida.