Scientists have discovered how the politicians most trusted by the voters

Scientists have discovered how the politicians most trusted by the voters

MOSCOW, may 31 — RIA Novosti. Analysis of the behavior of several hundred politicians and voters have shown that people have more trust in leaders with a “moderate” degree of charisma, and not very charismatic personalities, as previously thought, according to a paper published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

“Our study shows that political parties and business organizations should think about the fact that their heads were people with a medium degree of charisma, not the most charismatic of their representatives. Interestingly, the reason for their failure are complex relationships with other individuals in the team, as usually people think, and the quality of their business”, says Jasmine Vergauwe (Jasmine Vergauwe) from the University of Ghent (Belgium).

The recent elections in the United States, Britain and France have once again revived the “eternal” question — what is more important, bright charisma and the veneration of the voters, or the ability to engage in professional politics. The results of these presidential races and referendums did not give a clear answer to this question, what made Vergauwe and her colleagues to try to understand why charisma does not always help politicians to win.

To resolve this mystery, scientists analyzed the behavior and personality characteristics over three hundred successful politicians from all over the world, and about 600 business leaders. Obtaining data on their charisma, researchers interviewed their subordinates, competitors and voters on the subject of how inclined they are to trust these leaders and how they are competent in the areas of Economics and politics where they operate.

These surveys clearly showed that for businessmen and for politicians there is a limit of charisma, the transition through which the level of trust in them begins to fall, not rise.

Accordingly, the leaders of the “average” level of charisma were the most attractive to voters, and business partners and subordinates.

As shown by further analysis of the data, it may be due to the fact that charismatic politicians and businessmen suffer from one common drawback — they too are passionate about strategic planning and very poorly react to stress and unexpected new challenges. Both due to the fact that they do not cope with the short term and retention of the team under control.

The last opening, according to the Belgian psychologist, was a big surprise for scientists because they believed that the main problem for charismatic politicians and businessmen will be conflicts with subordinates and colleagues and their complicated nature and not of managerial complexity.

“Charismatic politicians, in our opinion, would have helped a workout that would help them cope with the operational tasks, and people with low charisma, on the contrary, you need to learn strategic thinking and planning. They need to see the situation in the country or the business as a whole, to question the status quo and seek new solutions to problems,” the scientists conclude.