Vorobyov called on the municipalities of the Moscow region to help victims of hurricane

The Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov called on the municipal authorities to provide the necessary assistance to the victims of the hurricane. Relevant post he posted on his page on Instagram on Monday, may 29.

“I ask the heads of all municipalities, together with the emergency services as quickly as possible to check the situation on the ground and also to take action quickly if a hurricane had led to the failure of services in cities and towns”, — he wrote.

As a result of hurricane in the Moscow region, two people were killed, among them 11-year-old girl, reports TASS. Rescuers are engaged in liquidation of consequences of hurricane.

In Moscow, according to the latest data, the storm claimed the lives of 11 people.

Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand warned that the hurricane, the speed of which reached 28 meters per second, may be repeated during the day.

Heavy rain with thunderstorms and gusty winds began in the second half of the day on Monday. In different parts of Moscow documented cases of falling trees and billboards, one of the stops of public transport pulled out of the ground.