The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Montenegro has accused Russia of meddling in the Affairs of the country

Srdjan Germanosilicate: Zakharova called the accusations Montenegro trying to make excuses for NATO membership

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Montenegro, Serjan Germanovich said that Russia “actively interfered in the internal Affairs” of the country, trying to prevent Podgorica to join NATO. About it reports RTCG.

He noted that in Montenegro to Moscow’s intervention “looked with disapproval”. “Our membership in NATO is not directed against anyone whatsoever, including against Russia. But of course, we can’t accept that somebody else decides where we should be,” — said the diplomat.

The foreign Minister added that Podgorica “has economic relations with Moscow,” but it is not the main trading partner of Montenegro. “We have many tourists from Russia and Russian investments in our economy have failed” — leads RIA Novosti words of Germanovichi.

Montenegro will formally join the North Atlantic Alliance on 5 June. The country will become the 29th member of NATO. In Moscow said it reserves the right to make decisions for the protection of national security in connection with the decision of the Podgorica to join the bloc.