Macron described the talks with Putin is very candid and direct

Emmanuel macron and Vladimir Putin

The French President called a meeting in Versailles talks with Russian leader Vladimir Putin is very candid and direct. Reports BFMTV.

“We’ve had our differences, and we recorded (…) I will not tell you everything about what we spoke. But it’s a good policy,” said macron.

As stressed by the French President, the leaders discussed ways to solve Syrian conflict and the situation in Ukraine.

Putin thanked Him for the invitation to Paris. “He [French President] mentioned the fact that Peter king was in France for a few weeks, but as you know, everything is done in the diplomatic world, on a reciprocal basis,” — said the Russian leader and invited his counterpart to visit Moscow.

The Russian leader also said that the fundamental interests of both countries “is much more important than political expediency”. He stressed that none of the French company left the Russian market, despite sanctions. Putin also expressed confidence that the parties are ready to work together to find solutions for the situation in Syria and Ukraine.