Additional costs for MVD to 6 times higher than spending on health care

Additional costs for MVD to 6 times higher than spending on health care

The government decided how best to use the additional revenue: the money mainly will get the power structure, the cost of these multiple agencies will exceed spending on health and education. This distribution reflects the campaign strategy of the Kremlin, experts say.

The Finance Ministry has proposed to increase spending on several state programs and agencies. Such information is contained in the explanatory Memorandum to the amendments to the budget for 2017-2019. Only the Ministry of Finance is going to increase the budget expenditures of 361, 8 billion rubles the government has already approved the draft document. Now it needs to be passed by the Parliament.

The increase in expenses due to higher revenues in Russia in 2017: by including higher oil prices, the state will have a 14.7 trillion and not 13.5 trillion RUB, as suggested by the Finance Ministry at the end of 2016 in the preparation of the budget law. But the budget will remain in deficit: the costs amount to 16.6 trillion rubles.

Salary guide

One of the most significant amounts of the Ministry of Finance will allocate to the state program “Ensuring public order and combating crime”. The program is administered by the Ministry of internal Affairs, the Agency will receive an additional 11.4 billion RUB Most of these funds will go to the salary Fund management team: 7,3 billion rubles will be employees “in the field of management bodies of internal Affairs and security training”. Another 1.6 billion roubles will be allocated for the salaries of employees of medical and educational institutions of the Ministry of interior. As a result, the program budget will increase to 646,4 billion roubles, but this money is MIA, probably still not enough — at the end of 2016, the representative of the Ministry of Nadezhda Romashova said that the lack of direction for 2017 is 156 billion rubles, the press service of the Ministry of interior did not respond to a request RBC.

Salary Fund “field,” interior Ministry employees will be cut: on the payroll of the people, “engaged in the operational-service activity”, going to RUB 8.9 bln less than expected. The opportunity to reduce costs associated with “the conduct of the interior Ministry organizational and staff activities”. No large-scale reductions in the Ministry of interior was conducted, ordinary police officers are dismissed from-for small salaries and hard conditions, said RBC head of the Union of the Moscow police Mikhail Pashkin.

In Russian law enforcement authorities regularly announce on the reduction of spending on administrative staff, but is another campaign which almost does not lead to any changes, and then everything comes back “with such a small amendment,” says a leading researcher at the Institute of enforcement at the European University Kirill Titaev. According to him, in the power structures built inefficient management system: “In the TFR for each investigator has one Manager or coordinator. The interior Ministry, the situation is slightly better: two “land” of workers — one coordinating, managing and maintenance”. Therefore, the redistribution of money from ordinary workers to senior — “a regular and unfortunate trend”, he said.

Sverrishola to the Prosecutor General and the TFR

An additional 2.8 billion rubles for the state office of public Prosecutor will go to logistical support of the Supervisory authority and the maintenance and development of a secure data network is 1.5 billion and 1.1 billion rubles, respectively. Only in 2017, the Agency will have to 64.2 billion rubles. Money for the Investigation Committee and the facilities of the interior Ministry, mostly spent on salaries — 611,4 million of 753,7 million RUB Another 8.4 billion rubles will be additionally allocated to the state program “Justice”, most of this amount will be shared by the Federal service of execution of punishments and court bailiffs.

Sverrishola are distributed in proportion to the basic costs. And so we have the law enforcement system is more expensive than education, and the allowance they are given in proportion to those expenses that we have now.Cyril Titanvolume researcher, Institute of problems of law enforcement at the European University

In the initial law on the budget for 2017 in law enforcement and national security was allotted 1.9 trillion RUB which Is about 11% of the total volume of expenditures of the Federal Treasury. The press service of the TFR and the Prosecutor General’s office did not respond to requests to RBC. The Ministry of Finance RBC also did not explain why the law enforcement agencies were a priority.

Health HIV

Additional 1,8 billion rubles., which will receive the program “Development of health”, the Ministry of health will have to spend on repairs and purchase of equipment for numerous research institutes. Staff salaries of the various subordinate structures of the Ministry of health and Rospotrebnadzor provided only 35.4 million rubles, stated in the explanatory note. Employees of territorial administrations of Rospotrebnadzor salary will reduce by 10.1 mln.

The document says nothing about whether the funds allocated for the purchase of drugs against HIV. The source of RBC in the Ministry of health said that the Agency has repeatedly raised this issue. So, in the winter of 2017 the Ministry of health has tried to negotiate additional 70 billion rubles for state HIV strategies, but the Ministry of Finance in the money refused.

Health care — a direction that is very difficult to calculate and prove the need to allocate funds to it from the point of view of economic efficiency, said the Director of the Institute of organization and healthcare management David Melik-Guseinov. “The Finance Ministry needs to see expense and income. And what this income is health care?” — he points out. Therefore, the government is easier to allocate money for repair of various medical facilities than for the purchase of drugs for patients with HIV.

Education and social support

The Ministry of education will also get the program “Development of education” of 1.3 billion rubles that Is two times more than the Ministry of Finance was going to give the Agency initially. The sub-programme “Implementation of educational programs of vocational education” provided RUB 1.3 billion, and the funding guidelines of “promoting the development of preschool and General education”, on the contrary, a decrease of 89.9 million rubles. It is due to “the reduction of expenses for acquisition of the equipment through savings generated as a result of the relevant bidding procedures,” said RBC in the press service of the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of education declined to comment on the issue, stating that amendments to the budget have not yet been adopted.

The program “Social support of citizens” the Ministry of Finance is going to cut to 392,7 million rubles, As follows from the explanatory notes, the government has planned to reduce benefits for pregnancy, childbirth and for the families of fallen soldiers, as well as compensation for the citizens affected by the Chernobyl accident, etc. the Reason — clarification of number of recipients.

The budget allocation reflects the priorities of the Kremlin, says the Professor of comparative politics Department of the HSE Nikolai Petrov. This is due to the ongoing presidential campaign, when any investments in the social sector will be less noticeable, but can cause an increase in appetite and the requirement to further strengthen the funding. “And the police can be used to demonstrate the fight against corruption, which is always good before the election, and to ensure the safety of power in the event of mass protests. This financial maneuver, caused by political need and understanding how best to spend the money before the election,” explained Petrov.