Sergei Ivanov reminded about the need to clean up in Russia

On the territory of Russia identified several tens of thousands of illegal dumps. These data led the President’s special representative for environmental issues, ecology and transport Sergey Ivanov, informs a site “Genovate” on Friday, may 26.

“We need to clean up in Russia”, — said Ivanov during the VIII Nevsky international ecological Congress held in St. Petersburg.

According to him, seriously with environmental issues in the country have become involved relatively recently. For example, in recent years, a number of large industrial enterprises of the metallurgical and other industries have already invested about a billion dollars in the modernization of production, thus improving environmental and economic performance.

The speaker of Council of Federation Valentina Matvienko suggested that the solution to the problem of landfills, the need to build recycling plants. However, she pointed out that this market is now heavily criminalized. She also called for the development of a system of incentives for carriers to those not dumped waste in unauthorized places.

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The Minister of natural resources Sergey Donskoy, in turn, offered to introduce benefits for utility payments for those who collect garbage separately.

In January, activists of the Russian popular front (onf) announced plans to create an interactive map of the landfills. Objects on it will be done by volunteers. According to the organizers, the data will be able to use local authorities to eliminate illegal landfills.