Macron told about his attitude to the Trump and Putin

Emmanuel Macron

The President of France Emmanuel macron said he will be able to establish a warm relationship with US President Donald trump. On Sunday, may 28, he said in an interview with Journal du Dimanche.

“The Donald trump, with whom I met, wanted to understand and listen. It is more open than you think about him, he loves contact and he is able to change position,” said macron.

In addition, the leader of France admitted in respect to Russia and said that he had invited President Vladimir Putin to come to Paris in the framework of the 300th anniversary of diplomatic relations.

May 27, macron said that its dialogue with Russia will be demanding. He said that one of the topics of talks with his Russian counterpart will be the issues of cooperation on Syria. The French leader hopes that it will be possible to develop a position to create long-term political solution.

Putin will arrive in Paris on Monday, may 29, at the opening of the exhibition at Versailles devoted to the 300th anniversary of the visit of the Russian Emperor Peter I in France, which marked the beginning of diplomatic relations between the countries.