In Russia celebrate Day of the frontier guard

In Russia celebrate Day of the frontier guard

MOSCOW, may 28. /TASS/. Russian frontier guards celebrate their professional holiday — border guards Day. His story is already 99 years old — in 1918 was adopted by decree on the establishment of border security at Narkomanov.

However, the history of national border guard totals not one century. The first mention of the border service of the Russian state relates to 1360, when the Metropolitan of all Russia Alexy sent blessing “to the guards and villagers”, watching the movement of the Horde. In 1512 the Grand Prince Basil the Third “approved land outposts”, and in 1754 was created border customs guards. The last major reorganization of the pre-revolutionary period occurred in 1893, when Alexander III formed a Separate corps of border guards, and it became an independent native troops.

25 years since the restoration of the borders

Russian border guards protect more than 60 thousand kilometers of the border, three quarters of whom — the sea (guarded by the Coast guard). The longest border of Russia with Kazakhstan — 7599 km, the longest at sea in the Arctic region — 19 thousand km. 724 in addition, the guards provide for almost 400 points. Daily service out of about 10 thousand frontier clothes and up to 60 ships and boats. Every day of delay up to 15 trespassers.

Recent decades, the concept of the Border has changed from a “border on the lock” to work on the organization of pass. If in the Soviet period the border was crossed by about 2-2. 5 million people in 1993 through the state border of the Russian Federation has been overlooked more than 35 million people and about 5 million vehicles.

Since 2005, the border crossing of the Russian Federation every year more than 100 million people. Recent years — from 130 to 150 million a year. The peak was in 2012: 167 million people — more than the entire population of the country. Every day at checkpoints are issued approximately 300 thousand people and 50 thousand cars.

If “classic” offenders attempting to illegally cross the border, for the year typed and thousands of people annually, the border guards detained at the border tens of thousands of people with invalid documents and 100 thousand foreigners whose entry into Russia is not permitted. The last two years has increased the number of aliens attempting to illegally migrate via Russia to Europe (in 2015 — more than 25 thousand people).

A man with a dog

May 25, border guard cynology celebrated 123 years of its history. The first dogs appeared on the boundary of the circular of the commander of the Separate corps of border guards General-Lieutenant Alexander Svinyin in 1894 — a year after the most guards. But the development was interrupted by the First world war and the revolution.

Since the beginning of 1920-ies began to rebuild the kennels with the training of specialists, and dog training. Outstanding canine Vsevolod Languages have developed a technique of training and use of dogs, and the beginning of the war almost every post was guides with dogs. The dog became a loyal weapon — guards, defending Kiev from the advancing German troops, as the last weapons released, on the enemy 200 German shepherds. In the battle killed more than 150 border dogs.

After the war, the techniques of using dogs have evolved — up to the delivery of the dogs on the horses at the far post. In the fighting in Afghanistan began to train mine and search dogs.

After the Soviet collapse in 1994 was created the Central kennel of border troops in Vyazma (Smolensk oblast), which turned into a dog training centre. There are also trained specialists to service dogs for the emergencies Ministry and the FSB. On 13 March 2000, one prepared in the center of the dogs helped to find hiding of the leader of bandit groups in Chechnya, Salman Raduyev, and in March 2005 with the help of trained dogs was discovered the bunker in Tolstoy-Yurt, where they found Aslan Maskhadov.

If investigative and patrol services are used by the German and Eastern European sheepdogs, special dogs (trained to search vzrychatki or drugs) are usually spaniels and Labradors. They have the shortest period of service of five years. Russian Spaniel Aza, for example, found in the truck, EN route from Uzbekistan to Ekaterinburg through the checkpoint in the Chelyabinsk region, 143 kg of Afghan heroin among thousands of boxes of pears.


This year’s Day of the border guard dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the security agencies. On 26 may, the leadership of the Border and veterans laid flowers to the graves of the border guards at the troyekurovskoye and other cemeteries of the capital. On the eve of the ceremony of laying wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and in the Ceremonial hall of the FSB Border service of Russia was held rewarding the distinguished staff in the Kremlin Palace has passed a concert. At the monument “border Guards of the Fatherland” on Yauzsky Boulevard, under the auspices of the Russian Council of veterans of a border service held a ritual “Combat crew”.

Today the leadership of the FSB Border service of Russia will lay flowers to the monument “border Guards of the Fatherland”, and from 13:00 GMT to 17:00 Moscow time in the Central Museum of the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945 in Victory Park on Poklonnaya hill will host a range of events — a concert of the Central boundary ensemble of FSB of Russia, the vocal ensemble “I have the Honor” of Golitsyn paganistic and the team of the Moscow paganistic. Will be demonstrations of dog handlers and groups of unarmed combat. In the Central border Museum will open the exhibition “on guard for centuries of contiguous”. The celebration will conclude with fireworks in Victory Park at 22:00 GMT.