Gennady Zyuganov was reelected Chairman of the Communist party

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Gennady Zyuganov was reelected Chairman of the Communist party. About the Agency RIA Novosti said the Secretary of the party Central Committee Sergei Obukhov.

On Saturday, may 27, Moscow hosted the 17th report-election Congress of the Communist party, which was elected a new Central Committee and control Commission. According to Obukhov, Ivan Melnikov re-elected first Deputy chair Vladimir Kashin, Dmitry Novikov, Yuri Afonin — Deputy.

During the Congress, Zyuganov did not rule out his participation as a candidate of the Communist party in the presidential election in 2018. According to him, the electoral race will be held “in the face of rising public discontent.”

March 1, “Izvestia”, citing sources in the presidential administration reported that Zyuganov could abandon the presidential campaign. It was noted that he wants to leave the post of Chairman of the Communist party.

Presidential elections will be held in March next year. About intention to run for the presidency has already declared, in particular, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the founder of the party “Yabloko” Grigory Yavlinsky and Alexei Navalny. Russian leader Vladimir Putin promised to tell you whether it will participate in the elections, “when the time is ripe”.