Adviser to trump: the secret channels of communication — a common practice

Adviser to trump: the secret channels of communication — a common practice

Information about attempts to establish a secret channel of communication between Moscow and Washington is not a cause for concern, said assistant to the President for national security Herbert McMaster.

He added that the US has a special communication channels with many countries.

McMaster said that “felt would be a concern,” if someone from the administration wanted to establish a line of communication with Russia.

So trump’s assistant for national security commented on media reports that the son-in-law and Advisor to Donald trump Jared Kushner was planned to create a secure channel of communication with Moscow in December 2016, using the diplomatic communications of the Russian Embassy in the United States. Supposedly about that Kushner tried to negotiate with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak.

“We have channels of communication with a number of countries. In General, these channels allow you to communicate in a restrained manner, said McMaster, speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the G7 summit of leaders in Italy. So it’s not necessarily presuppose the existence of any of the content, discussions or anything else.”

The head of the National economic Council the White house Gary Cohn refused to discuss the actions of Kouchner. “We will not give comments on Jared,” he said.

As reported by the media, the channel was supposed to be used for communication environment trump with Moscow in the period of transfer of power before the inauguration without fear of listening on the part of U.S. intelligence.

The Washington Post reported, citing data from us intelligence reports based on intercepted her official telegrams or telephone conversations, the Russian Ambassador to the United States.

Later on Saturday, the Associated Press, citing a source reported that a secret communication channel that Kouchner proposed the creation Kislyak, was to “facilitate sensitive conversations”.

According to the interlocutor of Agency, the goal was to establish contact between the former Advisor to trump on national security Michael Flynn and Russian military officials.

According to a source familiar with the agenda of the meeting Kouchner and Kislyak, the trump in the end realized that a back-channel between Moscow and Washington no longer needed, as only the position of head of the Department of state is Rex Tillerson.

The administration of the tramp by the time I decided that with our Russian colleagues need to make contact through official channels.

The white house has not officially commented on this information. The Russian Embassy in the United States Agency TASS reported that it did not comment on the “carried out in accordance with normal diplomatic practice, daily contacts with local interlocutors”. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said earlier that Moscow calls to stop the flow of “failed lies” against Kislyak.

Earlier, U.S. media reported that FBI checks Kouchner on charges of “relations with Russia.” According to us officials, investigators believe that Kushner has significant information relevant to their investigation.

The FBI is investigating potential ties of the election headquarters of trump with the Kremlin and Russian authorities in the course of the U.S. presidential race of 2016. The investigation led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Russia denies meddling in the U.S. presidential election in 2016, trump also denied any ties with Russia.