The Syrian foreign Ministry sent a letter to UN demanding to stop the actions of the coalition

The Syrian foreign Ministry sent a letter to UN demanding to stop the actions of the coalition

MOSCOW, may 27 — RIA Novosti. The Syrian foreign Ministry sent letters to the UN security Council, which again called for an end to “illegal actions of the international coalition led by the United States” in the country, reports the Syrian news Agency SANA.

According to the Agency, in two letters to the Secretary-General and the President of the UN security Council, the Syrian foreign Ministry condemned Friday’s coalition airstrike in a residential quarter of the city of al-Mayadin in the province of Deir ez-Zor in North-Eastern Syria, which killed 35 civilians.

Reportedly, the Syrian foreign Ministry urges the security Council to implement resolutions on the territorial integrity of Syria and to stop the illegal actions of the coalition. The office considers it necessary to note that the coalition’s actions are contrary to UN security Council resolutions, international law and international humanitarian law. Damascus notes the aggressive nature of the coalition that supports those who “only wants to kill innocent Syrian citizens.”

The letters emphasized that some Western countries that are permanent members in the security Council, influence the Council in making decisions on the Syrian crisis.

According to the foreign Ministry statement, “deceptive methods” such countries as France, Britain and the United States, are the main reasons for the continuation of the crisis in Syria, and policy of regional States, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, contribute to the escalation and support terrorism, “the terrorism target, to which other countries, example — the recent terrorist attack in Manchester.”

USA along with its allies since 2014 carried out in Syria and Iraq, the operation against militants grouping “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) and assist in this fight armed groups of the Syrian opposition. Coalition under the leadership of the United States acts in Syria without the consent of the legitimate government of the country.