The man was beaten kindergarten teacher in Vladivostok because of the comments

In Vladivostok the man, walk around the kindergarten with your child, attacked reprimanded him teacher. This was reported on the website of the interior Ministry PR Primorsky Krai.

During an evening walk with the kids the teachers noticed strange men. One of the employees of the kindergarten told him about the inadmissibility of unauthorized stay on the territory of the institution, after which he repeatedly struck her in the face. 57-year-old victim is hospitalized.

In fact the incident is checked. It is detained 45-the summer local.

According to the newspaper, the woman has a broken nose, a concussion and a hematoma of the ear. Her attacker was in an inadequate state. It is noted that he used to come in the garden and threatened teachers.

In April in Saint-Petersburg 23-year-old driver beat the child. According to investigators, 10-year-old student was walking with a scooter in a crosswalk on a green light. The man ran out of the car, hit the boy with his fist on the head, gave him a scooter and fled the scene. The student was hospitalized with injuries to his legs and head.