Russians recommended to refrain from visiting the UK

The Russian Embassy in London advised Russians not to travel to the UK until the situation there returns to normal. The exceptions to that dictated by “extreme personal or business necessity.” On Thursday, may 25, the journalists said the employee of the diplomatic mission, reports TASS.

“Over the past three months of terrorist activity in the country is only growing. We do not exclude that this is due to the growing influence of the ideology of Islamic radicalism in the national communities living in British cities. The involvement of the military patrolling infrastructure indicates a very serious situation,” — said the representative of the Embassy.

According to him, those who is already in the territory of the United Kingdom should exercise “extreme caution and circumspection” and avoid places of a mass congestion of people.

On 23 may, Prime Minister Theresa may raised the terror threat level to the highest, critical. This means that the next attack on the territory of the state “may be inevitable”. The British government took this step after the terrorist attack at the stadium in Manchester on may 22.

The victims of the attack were 22 people, injured about 120. According to preliminary data, the gunman’s name was Salman, Abedi. It is reported that he was linked to the terrorist group “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia) and training outside the UK.