Putin noted the importance of the spiritual connection between people in the modern world


RIA Novosti

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin noted the high importance of a living spiritual connection between people in the modern world, full of contradictions.

“Living a spiritual connection is very important, especially in today’s complex world, full of contradictions,” — said Putin at a meeting with representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church abroad.

In this regard, the head of state reminded that all world religions are based on common values. He told the Church that they are always welcome guests in Moscow, and they are always happy to see.

In response, the interlocutors of the President thanked him for supporting the process of rapprochement and unification of the Russian Orthodox Church abroad and the Russian Orthodox Church. The head of state presented the icon of St. Jonah of Hankou’s.

The meeting was held in the premises of the Theological Seminary of the Sretensky monastery of Moscow, which on Thursday called for Putin. About the school the head of state said the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill and the Governor of the monastery Tikhon. The President was shown some of the training halls, where he studied world literature, history and religion. Putin was also shown an interactive library that is available on large screens in the corridors of the Seminary. Also, the seminarians can learn the schedule and other details of the study. In addition, the head of state visited the Seminary’s library and admired from its Windows a view of the temple of Christ’s Resurrection and new Martyrs and Confessors of the Russian Church.