Autistic sentenced to 15 years in prison for trying to blow up the London tube

Court in London sentenced a 20-year-old student Damon Smith (Damon Smith), who has autism, to 15 years in prison for what he carried in subway pipe bomb. On Friday, may 26, reports The Guardian.

In October 2016 the young man left in the rush hour the backpack with an improvised explosive device at the station is North Greenwich on the London underground. According to Smith, so he tried to scare passengers before Halloween. It is reported that the bomb didn’t work.

However, the prosecution does not believe the student because the bomb was Packed with shrapnel. As the newspaper notes, the British constructed an explosive device, using the instructions of the terrorist organization “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia), which he found on the Internet.

The court found that the young man tried to commit a terrorist attack, an explanation of what happened difficult to determine. The judge Richard marks said that the verdict was affected by the terrorist attack in Manchester.

Protection Smith vowed to appeal the verdict, stating that it will require a re-medical examination.

Young man interested in Islam and weapons, loves to gamble and collects photos of extremists. In childhood he was diagnosed with Asperger’s disorder autistic character, which is associated with difficulties of social interaction.

The attack in Manchester on the evening of may 22, killed 22 people, injured about 120, 59 of them were hospitalized. Suicide bombing was committed by 22-year-old Salman Abedi, who had just returned from Libya.