The damage from a global virus attack WannaCry exceeded one billion dollars

The damage from a global virus attack WannaCry exceeded one billion dollars

Global cyber attack using a virus WannaCry caused damage at $ 1 billion. Experts estimate that such a large amount associated with data loss, performance degradation, disruption of businesses or reputational losses of companies around the world.

This writes McClatchyDC with reference to the company’s experts in information security KnowBe4.

This amount caused by major downtime in major organizations around the world.

This is due to loss of data, loss of productivity, disruption, reputational damage and other factors, clarifies the issue.

Virus-extortionist WanaCrypt0r 2.0 (aka WannaCry) that encrypts information and requires you to pay a ransom, began to spread on 12 may. Hacker software encrypts the information and requires to pay the ransom, according to various estimates, from 300 to 600 dollars. It is assumed that the creators WannaCry had based malware NSA Eternal Blue.

13 may it was reported that the spread of the virus-the extortioner was stopped by accident. At the same time, they warned that if hackers modify the code, the malware starts to work again.

Earlier, the Deputy Secretary of security Council of Russia Oleg Khramov said that WannaCry did not cause serious damage to the objects of critical information infrastructure of the country. According to him, the critical impacts were avoided due to the state system of detection, prevention and elimination of consequences of computer attacks on information resources of the Russian Federation.

According to Western media, the attack can be not only criminals. At different times it was stated about the possible involvement of Russia or North Korea.