Medvedev has proposed to replace players of Russian national team robots

Dmitry Medvedev

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in Kazan IT-Lyceum showed robots, which are able to dance, grow plants, control of pupils and to play football. About it reports “Interfax”.

Shown to the head of the government machines themselves chasing the ball and scoring goals, the Agency said. “I was thinking, maybe it really is better is our team of robots to put”, — joked the Prime Minister, suggesting that in this case the results will be.

He also endorsed the idea of a student in the seventh grade, developed a robot named eve that is programmed as a teacher of mathematics. According to the Creator of the machine, in the future, Eva will be able to follow students for examinations in core subjects. “Good idea,” said Medvedev.

In April, the Prime Minister urged his subordinates, particularly his Deputy Vitaly Mutko, to increase the interest in Russian football. According to him, it is necessary to make so that the people went to football matches with the same pleasure as in hockey. At the same time the Prime Minister discussed match of the championship of Russia with “Zenit” and “Ural”, which was removed three players of the local team. Medvedev admitted that what happened in that game can be viewed as a curiosity, but stressed the need to work on the authority and the national soccer and international.

Medvedev is interested in the sport and oversees major international tournaments. So, in June last year, Prime Minister during the meeting with the workers in Magnitogorsk touched upon unsuccessful performance of the Russian team at Euro 2016, which at the championship, failed to overcome the group stage, and in 2011 he visited with his wife Svetlana in St. Petersburg, match of Champions League between “Zenith” and Donetsk “Shakhtar”. Politician, former President, wearing a zenitovsky a scarf.