Commission ESA summed up the results of the investigation of the crash of the Martian module Schiaparelli

Commission ESA summed up the results of the investigation of the crash of the Martian module Schiaparelli

The European space Agency (ESA) has completed the investigation into the crash module Schiaparelli landing on Mars 16 Oct 2016. His verdict: the module was not adequately prepared for landing. This was reported on the ESA website.

In General, confirmed the findings of the preliminary investigation: the accident was caused by failures in the “measure of inertia” — the device that takes account of the speed of rotation of the module around its axis. Incorrect data from the device was received in the onboard computer, which took it “uncritically”: for example, at some moment of landing, he decided that Schiaparelli is already at a depth of several meters beneath the surface of Mars. In the end, side OS shut off the engines and threw out the parachutes and the module collapsed and crashed.

However, the authors of the final report believe that even after the error of measuring of momentum module is still able to sit down, if the developers have provided a more effective system of checks and balances. Among the errors that led to the disaster, noted the human factor: inadequate treatment of employees to detect errors and problems with subcontractors.

By 2020, when Mars will be sent a new ESA module, these errors must be corrected. The Board recommends that to improve on-Board software, more attentive to the order and equipment from subcontractors. Finally, the Commission strongly advises to include in the development process of the new device partner organizations with the requisite expertise — for example, Laboratory jet acceleration NASA.

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