SRS would not support the extension of powers Nabiullina

SRS would not support the extension of powers Nabiullina

MOSCOW, may 24 — RIA Novosti. “Fair Russia” will not support the candidacy of Elvira Nabiullina when considering the possibility of extending its mandate as the head of the Central Bank, said the faction leader Sergei Mironov.

“We will abstain in the vote (for the appointment of Nabiullina, ed.), with different ideological positions and do not agree with the activities of the Central Bank”, — said Mironov reporters.

However, he noted that Elvira is good with information, and faction to her as a professional, no complaints.

Nabiullina, who previously held the post of Minister of economic development, manages the Bank of Russia since June 24, 2013. Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 22 presented the candidacy of Nabiullina in the state Duma to prolong powers of the head of the Central Bank for a new term. In the case of extending the powers she will hold the post of Governor for another five years.

Nabiullina on Tuesday arrived in the state Duma to discuss the issue of extending his term with two factions of the lower house of the Russian Parliament — the Communist party and “Fair Russia”. Meeting with representatives of the liberal democratic party is scheduled for June 6.

Relevant committees plan to discuss the question of the extension of the powers Nabiullina together with the annual report of the Central Bank for the year 2016 at a joint meeting on 5 June. To the state Duma, these issues will be voted on 9 June.