Russia canceled the absentee ballots in the election

Russia canceled the absentee ballots in the election

The voter is entitled to vote at the place of location by submitting an application for inclusion in the voter list.

Moscow. May 24. INTERFAX.RU — the state Duma meeting on Wednesday adopted in the third final reading a package of laws about the cancellation of absentee ballots in the election.

The adopted law establishes the possibility of voting at the request of the voter. This will affect those citizens who on voting day will be absent at the place of registration. Establishes the right of observers to get acquainted with the information about voters who applied for inclusion in the voter list at the place of location.

The amendments define that the voter, who will be in day of voting outside their place of residence, may submit to the election Commission statement on inclusion in the voters list at the place of location in the manner prescribed by the CEC.

The timing of application is proposed to establish the CEC within the period that begins not earlier than 45 days and ends in 14 hours the day before the vote. The application may be filed by the voter in person, on presentation of a passport, as well as using the portal or through the multipurpose center of providing state and municipal services. The statements will be pasted special stamps to avoid forgery of statements.

The voter who submitted the application on inclusion in the voters list at the place of residence is excluded from the voter list at the place of registration. Stipulates that a voter who submitted the application, may be included in the list of voters at the place of their location at only one polling station.

On the voting day a voter may be included in the voters list only upon the decision of the precinct election Commission and only after the establishment of the fact that he did not vote in another polling station.

In addition, the administrative responsibility for abuse of the rights conferred, for unfair actions. Rise from 3.5 thousand rubles to 30 thousand rubles. fines for the results of the ballot to provide the opportunity to vote instead of a voter or to vote more than once during the same voting or for issuance to the citizen of the filled ballot, and also for obtaining such a ballot.

Responsible for numerous such administrative offence will amount to 50 thousand rubles.

The amendment to the law on presidential elections States that “if a Sunday, on which should be assigned to the elections of the President of the Russian Federation coincides with a day preceding a holiday day, or this Sunday falls on the week including a public holiday or Sunday is duly announced a work day elections are called for next Sunday.”

In 2018 presidential elections, expected to be held on the week in which falls the international women’s day on March 8, and in accordance with the proposed amendment the election can be postponed to the following Sunday, which, in turn, falls on March 18.