Named the date of the “Scarlet Sails” in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg on June 23 will host the annual holiday of graduates “Scarlet Sails”, according to channel five.

The organizers have not yet disclosed who will be the headliner of the concert. The names of all the artists who will participate in the event are kept secret.

Holiday “Scarlet sails” is held annually, usually in the period from 18 to 25 June. It includes a concert and light and pyrotechnic show. It is known that a multimedia show will bring together the Palace square, Arrow Vasilevsky island, the Peter and Paul fortress, the Neva river water area.

For the first time the festival was held in 1968, but in 1979, the tradition was interrupted. She returned only in 2005.

A year ago, “Scarlet sails” was visited by 1.7 million people. More than five million viewers watched the live broadcast on the fourth channel. The event was recognized as the best city event in Europe and won the European Best Event Award.

“We are happy that the name “Scarlet sails” was made at the global level. It has appeared, the glory of the holiday, which is so loved not only in St. Petersburg but throughout the country, booming far beyond the borders of Russia”, — said the head of the press service of channel five’s Olga Bayramov. According to her, the award is a celebration of the prestigious award — this is the stage after which you want to move forward.

The broadcast of the event this year will be performed by “the Fifth channel”.