Kosachev urged Europe to join efforts in the fight against terrorism

Konstantin Kosachev

Europe needs to resume cooperation with Moscow in the fight against terrorism after the terrorist attack that occurred in Manchester, the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev. Their point of view, the Senator has expressed on his page in Facebook on Tuesday, may 23.

“I’d love to believe that after the next British tragedy will be revised principles of European policy, according to which it minimized the cooperation with Russia in the fight against terrorism. It is time to understand that blows up Europeans, not Assad, not the Kremlin, Tehran and not Washington,” wrote Kosachev.

He stressed that the proposal for the establishment of the antiterrorist coalition and relevant indefinitely. “We believe that reason and responsibility will prevail,” he added.

Earlier Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed condolences to the Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may in connection with the tragedy.

The explosion at the main gate at the stadium “Manchester arena” took place the evening of may 22, after a concert by American singer Ariana Grande. According to the latest data, the explosion made by the suicide bomber who killed 22 people, injured 59 people. Police have classified the incident as a terrorist attack.

Video: criticoenserio / YouTube