Germany in 2016 spent on refugees 20 billion euros

Germany in 2016 spent on refugees 20 billion euros

The German Federal government spent in 2016 for refugees, a total of 20 billion euros. About this newspaper the Rheinische Post.

It is noted that 9.3 billion was allocated for costs directly associated with refugees. Of these, 5.5 billion euros were spent on support of migrants whose applications for refugee status are currently being reviewed. Two billion spent on local integration, 400 million for the construction and equipment of dormitories.

Another 11 billion has been allocated to prevent the flight of people from their countries.

According to the coordinator for refugee Affairs, head of Federal Chancellery Peter Altmaier, the flow of migrants to Europe gradually weakened, reports “Interfax”. In particular, reduced the inflow of asylum-seekers from Turkey to Greece. Does not increase the number of immigrants who come to Italy from Libya.

In 2015 we moved to Germany about a million migrants from middle Eastern countries, in 2016, the number of refugees dropped to 280 thousand people.