From participation in the program of renovation of abandoned residents of 18 of the capital’s five-story building

During the voting under the program of renovation in Moscow the first 18 houses, the inhabitants of which wished to abandon the demolition. They are located in 13 districts of the city, said “Polenta”.

“A minority of the residents in these apartment buildings decided and typing more than one third of votes of the total, were not in favour of the house. Thus, they determined the fate of this house,” — said the head of the public headquarters for monitoring the implementation of the program Alexander Kozlov. He added that the residents of these houses still have the opportunity to include them in the program if their opinion will change.

Support the program residents 4164 houses, in 360 houses was less than two-thirds of the residents. Your choice has already been made 33 percent of residents whose apartments were in the list.

In the voting, which began may 15, may benefit the owners of apartments in 4546 houses, which were included in the preliminary list for demolition.

Earlier in may, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin proposed in order to demolish the house, residents who did not participate in the vote. The mayor promised that if a third of the residents of the building vote against it, the house will not be demolished. Voting is conducted in these centres “My documents” and the electronic system of the Active citizen.

The resettlement programme will start in autumn 2017. The first area where you begin to realize the program, will be Beskudnikovo in the North of Moscow.

To demolish Moscow Khrushchev and build in their place new housing capital town Governor requested in February, Russian President Vladimir Putin.