Australia began a historic summit of the aborigines

Australia began a historic summit of the aborigines

Hundreds of leaders of the indigenous Australian tribes gathered in the center of the country for a historic summit on the formal recognition of the first Australians.

The three-day meeting on sacred aboriginal rock Uluru to mark the 50 th anniversary of the recognition of the rights of indigenous people in the country.

27 may 1967 in Australia, a referendum was held, which was amended to the Constitution, authorized to make special laws in the interests of the indigenous population and seizing a provision stating that the number of Australian aborigines were not considered in the allocation of seats in Parliament, allocation of finances and making other decisions.

The adoption of these amendments voted 90.2% of voters, which is the highest result in the history of the country.

However, in the Constitution of the country the natives are still not mentioned. This summit, as suggested by the participants, will help to achieve consensus regarding the question of recognition of the indigenous population.

Recommendations of representatives of indigenous inhabitants of the continent will be transferred to the leadership of the country in June.

The summit on the rock of Uluru total of 12 collections of aboriginal held across the country over the past six months, which discussed the alternatives for the recognition of the indigenous population.

It is expected that the summit will decide whether to require inclusion in the Constitution special provisions for the indigenous population.

The aborigines of Australia constitute only 2.5% of the 24 million inhabitants of the country.