Acquaintance with Pope: how is the reception from the Pontiff

Acquaintance with Pope: how is the reception from the Pontiff

May 24, Pope Francis received in the Vatican President of the USA of Donald trump. They talked for 20 minutes and exchanged gifts. All meetings with the Pope are strictly regulated. Where they are, what to wear and who violated the Protocol in the review of RBC.

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Audience with the Primate of the Catholic Church is governed by the Protocol, which has not changed for many years. The ceremony is a compulsory procedure of photographing, the photo service of Vatican city is its own history of papal audiences.


The meeting takes place in the personal library of the Pope, which is located near his chambers.

What to wear

There are certain guidelines on dress code for the invited audience. For men is dark suits and dull ties. Women should cover the head and avoid in your outfit in three colors: white (the papal colors), red (cardinal) and purple (Episcopal).

However, some spouses of the heads of state have the right to be in the clothes of white color. The so-called “white privilege” applies to the Catholic king, and the wives and widows of the Catholic monarchs. Now this privilege is enjoyed only seven women, one of the last among them, in January 2016 with the Pontiff met the Princess of Monaco Charlene, wife Prince albert II.

However, the advice relating to the ceremonial of the audience was not always respected.

In 1989, for example, Raisa Gorbachev came in a bright red suit.

In 2006, the wife of Prime Minister Tony Blair appeared at the meeting with Pope Benedict XVI in all white, which led to criticism, including in the British media.

You are the Queen, dear, and never will be.The Telegraph

How Pope Francis changed the ceremony

The current head of the Catholic Church Pope Francis to the ceremonial is very liberal.

In early 2016, he changed the rules of the Protocol regarding meetings with the Catholic heads of state who have been divorced and remarried. Previously in this case, the Pope only met with heads of state during official ceremonies, while spouses had no right to take part in photography and the exchange of gifts. Francis this order is changed — the first President adopted in the Vatican with his wife under the new rules, became the Argentine leader Mauricio Macri, who is married for the third time.

The President of Argentina Mauricio Macri, his wife Julian Awad and Pope Francis. | Source: AP 2017