Penguin from Japanese zoo fell in love with a girl from anime

Penguin from Japanese zoo fell in love with a girl from anime

Grape penguin from Japanese zoo love anime girl named Kululu from the series Kemono Friends. A piece of cardboard with a picture of the girls, a bit reminiscent of penguin placed in the compartment, which contains a flock of birds.

According to representatives of zoo, the habits of the Grape indicate exactly what the girl he likes. Reported by Bored Panda.

Grape was unhappy in his personal life. 10 years ago it was brought to the zoo along with a female named Midori. However, recently Midori left of the Grape, selecting a younger male. Since then, the grape was gradually pulling away from the pack and began to show interest in cut from cardboard Kululu.

Last weekend in the zoo came to the actress who voiced Kululu for anime. She was photographed with a sad penguin and his character.

やまだおにいさん、グレープくん、ありがとうございました?✨#東武動物公園 #けものフレンズ

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The story touched the users of the network started to write stories which revived the love Kululu and penguin Grape.

フルルとずっと一緒にいたいグレープくんその2#けものフレンズ #東武動物公

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