On Everest killed three climbers

On Everest killed three climbers, one was missing. According to The Washington Post, citing local authorities confirm the death of the athletes was only after the district settled weather allowed rescue teams to arrive at the scene of an emergency.

It is noted that the victims were citizens of the United States, Slovakia and Australia. An American, Dr. Roland Yarwood (Roland Yearwood) from Alabama, has already conquered the highest mountain of the world in 2015, then he managed to survive after an avalanche.

It also became known that one of the parts of Everest called the “Hillary Step”, collapsed in the earthquake of 2015.

On may 6, when you try again, to climb Everest and become the oldest conqueror of mount died the oldest in the world the climber Min Bahadur Sherkhan (Min Bahadur Sherchan) from Nepal. He died at age 85 from heart failure.

30 April on mount Everest killed a well-known Swiss climber, 40-year-old waley Stack (Ueli Steck). He was on top of Nuptse for acclimatization, after which he planned to climb the highest peak in the world in may, using a completely new route.

In the history of the conquest of Everest on its slopes killed more than 250 people.