In the United States took place telepremera the new season of “twin Peaks”

In the United States took place telepremera the new season of “twin Peaks”

Leading us media welcomed the continuation of the series of David Lynch.

NEW YORK, may 22. /Offset. TASS Ivan sawyers/. Premiere of the new season of the cult TV series “twin Peaks” (Twin Peaks) by American Director David Lynch took place on Sunday in the United States. Two series were broadcast on the TV channel Showtime CBS.

Critics happy

Leading American media in General gave a clearly positive assessment of the long-awaited sequel.

In particular, film critic of the newspaper the New York Times James Poniewozik pointed out that the new “twin Peaks” retained the ability “to turn the TV emits a silent threat to the portal from which at any moment might break out something terrible or wonderful.” “In the original “twin Peaks” was built on two questions: “Who killed Laura Palmer?” and “What the hell am I looking at?” stressed Poniewozik. — In continuation of the first question is not, however, force you to ask a second, it still can.”

Film critic of the magazine the Hollywood Reporter, Daniel Feinberg, in turn, said: “the First two hours of the new “twin Peaks” by David Lynch disturbing, strange, funny, they are almost impossible to write a book review”. The author States that the modern audience is harder to sell the stories, based on surrealism than in 1990, when they began to show the first season of “twin Peaks”, but the new two series inspire him with optimism.

Launched the season, which will consist of 18 episodes, was released after a long break. So, the last series of the second issue in the U.S. channel ABC ended in 1991. In this case, Lynch himself in an interview with The New York Times, published last week, stressed that “in the second season, everything became stupid; I became ridiculous”.

Without nostalgia

About the plans to make a sequel was announced in 2014.

Series8.0 Twin Peaks

In the new series will appear actors who starred in previous releases, including Kyle MacLachlan. Many performers, in particular, is Jim Belushi, Naomi watts, Michael CERA, Laura Dern. According to media reports, the creators have worked very hard for journalists not to know the plot of the new series. So, the actors handed out only those portions of the script that touched their roles. They were forbidden to discuss work on the TV series with the press.

Screenwriter of “twin Peaks” mark frost shortly before the premiere told Reuters that the new series “should be the original, the same stunning, diverse and addictive as it was in the beginning.” “No one was trying to indulge in nostalgia, it was an attempt to take a step forward in narrative and cinematic terms,” he added.

In Russia the premiere of the series will take place on the channel TV-3. “TV-3, acquired from CBS Studios International the rights to broadcast the new season of “twin peaks” by David Lynch. Premiere on TV-3 will take place 24 hours after the premiere of the series in the States,” — said in April the representatives of the channel. The sequel will show in the original voice channel.

About the show

The first series of the TV series “twin Peaks”, created by Director David Lynch and screenwriter mark frost, was released in the U.S. in 1990. The action takes place in the fictional town of twin Peaks in Washington state. FBI agent Dale Cooper investigating the murder of high school student Laura Palmer. Her death is associated with a series of mystical phenomena and events, and small town life is not as peaceful and tranquil as it looks at first glance.

Was shot two seasons and one feature film “twin Peaks: Through the fire” (1992). In 1991 “twin Peaks” received a Golden globe as best drama series, and actors Kyle MacLachlan and Piper Laurie was awarded as the best actor and supporting actress. In 2007, Time magazine included the series among the top television shows of all time.