The relics of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker was brought to Moscow

A special flight of the Italian city of Bari, brought to Moscow the relics of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker. About it reports TASS.

At the airport Vnukovo gathered believers of the Metropolitan parishes to meet the Shrine. Some in the hands of the flowers and icons.

In the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, where the relics will arrive for evening service straight from the airport, they will be conveyed to Patriarch Kirill. Here they will stay until 12 July and from 13 July to 28 July, will travel to St. Petersburg. Then back in Italy.

An agreement on temporary transfer of the Russian Orthodox Church part of the relics of the Saint were reached at the meeting of Patriarch Kirill with Pope Francis in February 2016.

Part of the relics is stored in is made of noble metals the ark, which is covered protected by glass.

Almost a thousand years before this Shrine was immured in the tomb of the lower Church of the Basilica in Bari, under a marble slab weighing over 30 tons.

Nikolay Chudotvorets (Saint Nicholas) is one of the most revered Christian saints. According to the biography, he was born in Asia Minor (now territory of Turkey) in the third century. Was Archbishop. Is the patron Saint of travelers, prisoners and orphans.