Moscow has called the canadian version of the “Magnitsky act” unfriendly step Ottawa


RIA Novosti

The Russian foreign Ministry has warned Ottawa that the approval by the Parliament of Canada, local version of the Magnitsky act will cause significant damage to bilateral relations. This is stated in the official comments of the Russian foreign Ministry published on the Ministry website.

“We have to warn the official Ottawa that we believe the active support of the canadian version of the American “Magnitsky act”, in which Russia is trying to present a frivolous human rights complaint, another openly unfriendly step. If approved by the Parliament of Canada the legislative sanction of an act of relations between our countries, already experiencing not the best times, will suffer significant damage”.

According to the Ministry of the interior, such action will lose Canada, whose authorities prefer to isolate themselves from Russia instead of developing mutually beneficial cooperation, including in the economic sphere and the development of the Arctic.

In Moscow called such actions short-sighted policy. adding that Ottawa is free to do as he wants.

The foreign Minister of Canada Chrystia Freeland said that the government would adopt his own version of “Magnitsky act”, which allows authorities to impose sanctions against suspected human rights violations around the world.

Adopted in 2012 in the U.S. “Magnitsky act” imposes personal sanctions against several dozen Russians. The document is named by the name of the lawyer of Fund Hermitage Capital Sergey Magnitsky died in a Moscow prison “Matrosskaya Tishina” in 2009, and directed against persons suspected of involvement in his death.