Alec Baldwin taught the daughter to parody trump

Alec Baldwin taught the daughter to parody trump

On the eve of the release of the latest season of the motoring show “Saturday night live” the wife of actor Alec Baldwin posted on instagram a video in which he teaches his three year old daughter Carmen to parody U.S. President Donald trump.

42 season was one of the most popular stories and most popular for 24 years. Throughout the season, Alec Baldwin played the role of Donald trump in various sketches. The image became so popular that the Dominican newspaper El Nacional published an article that is pictures of trump were placed the Baldwin.

Publication from Hilaria Thomas Baldwin (@hilariabaldwin) May 20 2017 8:02 PDT

In the latest issue of the season he played was in the image of the President the song of Leonard Cohen “Hallelujah” in the company of actors of the show and Scarlett Johansson.