The state Duma approved the cancellation of absentee ballots in the second reading

The state Duma adopted in the second reading a package of amendments to the electoral law, involving, in particular, cancellation of absentee ballots. About it reports TASS on Friday, may 19.

The second reading of the Central election Commission prescribed in document a mechanism of replacing voting absentee. According to him, voters can apply to vote by place of residence in the precinct election Commission not later than 14:00 on the Saturday before election day. No later than five days before the voting day such a statement may be issued through the state services portal and multifunctional centers (MFCS).

The amendments also extend the cancellation of absentee ballots not only for the presidential and regional elections. If the bill is approved in the final reading, a new mechanism will be applied in the September elections this year.

In addition, the package of amendments simplifies the assignment of observers: in particular, they will be released from having to submit in advance lists of the Commission.

The bill also includes the introduction of mandatory video broadcasts from polling stations, and also provides for the possibility of moving the voting day from the second Sunday in March to the third.

Amendments to the electoral law was submitted to the lower house of Parliament in early March. Their authors were the members of the Federation Council Andrey Klishas and Anatoly Shirokov.