“The longest cat in the world” wants to be left alone

“The longest cat in the world” wants to be left alone

Stephie Hurst from the Australian Melbourne did not expect that from a litter of Maine Coon breed born in 2013, she will choose very unusual kitten.

The publication of Omar the Maine Coon (@omar_mainecoon) APR 28 2017 at 2:50 PM PDT

Hurst and her partner Rowan, Lawrence picked up a small, red pet at the age of 12 weeks. The now four-year-old cat, Omar spreads to 120 centimeters in length.

The number of his fans in social networks is increasing day by day and experts of the “Guinness world records” addressed to a young hostess with a request to send them the parameters of the animal.

The publication of Omar the Maine Coon (@omar_mainecoon) May 5 2017 5:17 PDT

At this time the official record is considered to be 118-inch Maine Coon from Wakefield in the English Yorkshire.

Hurst started a profile of a cat on Instagram just two weeks ago, but he already signed more than 15 thousand people.

The most glorious photo of Omar has received more than 270 thousand likes account the Cats of Instagram in a week.

Publication of the Cats of Instagram (@cats_of_instagram) May 8 2017 7:39 PDT

From the moment of its placement of orange cat with a white chest has become increasingly flickering in the Australian press and on TV.

“We cannot say that he so good at all the attention,” admitted bi-Bi-si hostess. — “For example, in the morning he is a bit miserable”.

The publication of Omar the Maine Coon (@omar_mainecoon) May 12 2017 4:19 PDT

Typically the lobster morning starts at 5:00, when he eats a little dry food, wanders around the house, playing in the yard, sleeping, anywhere. For dinner he gets a portion of the crude kenguryatiny.

“We buy prepared for people kenguryatiny in the local supermarket. This is the only meat that he likes,” — emphasizes stephie.

The cat-giant you’ll be a rogue character and very fluffy: its coat is like complaining the hostess, can be found everywhere in the house.

The publication of Omar the Maine Coon (@omar_mainecoon) May 10 2017 at 1:47 am PDT

14-pound Maine Coon will not fit in a regular cat box, so stephie had to use a dog carrier for trips to the vet.

“We have to get him out of the bedroom at night,” says Hurst, in a semi-joke complaining about the surface area of the bed occupied by a large purring creature.

However, the door must be shut tightly: Omar managed to show dexterity in opening the interior doors, cabinets doors, wardrobe shutters and shower.

The publication of Omar the Maine Coon (@omar_mainecoon) May 14 2017 3:58 PDT

Many friends Hurst and Lawrence initially thought that those edited photos of the cat and added a few inches in length, the mistress sighs.

“But then they see it live, and all questions disappear,” the smiling young woman.

“The Guinness book of records” must meet stephie for 12 weeks.

The publication of Omar the Maine Coon (@omar_mainecoon) May 11 2017, 2:22 PDT

Representatives of the “Books” in London confirmed that they had received an email from “Omar and his family”, but, as she says Hurst, it is not chasing fame.

According to the owner of the Maine Coon, the cat would prefer to go back to a regular lifestyle.

“He just wanted to NAP on a trampoline, chew kenguryatiny and not allow us to sleep at night,” sums up stephie. — “I think he would be happy again to become a normal house cat.”