Reuters reported the lack of interest is trump to documents without his name

Donald Trump

Officials from the national security Council, the U.S. reported that in the preparation of various materials for the country’s President Donald trump try as often as possible to mention his name. As the source explained to Reuters, this increases the likelihood that the President will read the document to the end.

This technique is just one of the ways to keep the attention of the President. In particular, the staff preparing for the trump information and reports that contain a large number of photographs, charts, graphs and tables.

“He [trump] likes to visualize things. Guy’s a Builder. All his life he was looking at the architectural designs and floor plans”, — said one of the employees of the administration.

The officials expressed doubt that the President of the United States is able to concentrate on details. The lack of attention to nuances can lead to complications in the forthcoming foreign tour of trump, in the course of which he ought to visit Israel, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, to participate in the NATO summit and the meeting of the leaders of the G7.

According to one of Agency sources, the US President has a very clear idea, for example, about the details of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “He needs counseling, I hope he will talk before the trip with many knowledge to the people,” — said the Agency interlocutor.