Named the country with the highest percentage of murders per population

Named the country with the highest percentage of murders per population

MEXICO city, may 17 — RIA Novosti. The highest percentage of murders to population in the world recorded in Honduras is 85.7 murders per 100 thousand inhabitants, according to the report of the world health organization (who).

According to the organization, the second place is El Salvador (63,2), the third is Venezuela (51,7). All of the top ten countries with the highest occupied States in Latin America and the Caribbean — Colombia (48,8), Belize (37,2), Guatemala (36,2), Jamaica (35,2), Trinidad and Tobago (32,8), Brazil (30,5) and the Dominican Republic (30,2).

“The homicide rate in Latin America is much higher than in other regions of the world, we can say that a quarter of the world murders take place in America, although there is lives, only 10% of the world population”, — quotes the statement of the EFE coordinator for the analysis of health and mortality in the who Colin Meters.

It is noteworthy that on the leaderboard there is Mexico, where authorities have long been waging a bloody fight, with numerous drug cartels. Recently, the Mexican government protested the report of the British International Institute for strategic studies, according to which, during the year, Mexico recorded 23 thousand violent deaths, which puts the country in second place in the world on this indicator after Russia (50 thousand murders).

According to the Mexican side, the available statistics does not allow us to include Mexico among the countries with the highest levels of violence. So, according to the official UN estimates for 2014, only in Latin America countries such as Honduras, Venezuela, Belize, Colombia and Brazil ahead of Mexico in these indicators. There were registered the number of murders per 100 thousand population, respectively, 90.4, a reading of 53.7, up from 44.7, 30.8 and 25.2 per person. In Mexico this figure was only 16.4 per 100 thousand inhabitants.